Cockbox — Yeah it's servers with cocks

Testimonial from a real live Cockbox customer:
No cock and no box equals no Humanity

Cockbox is a Tor-friendly, privacy oriented Linux/BSD VPS provider. Our automated system accepts payment with Bitcoin or Monero, and the robot instantly provisions the server you configure after 1 payment confirmation. Our automations are all custom, and we colocate in datacenters that are almost as chill as we are. Yes, things are relaxed here at Cockbox: ask anyone who's contacted support recently and they're sure to say it's too relaxed. But most customers never have an issue worth contacting us over, so chances are your experience will be just as smooth.


60-Second Provisioning

Your server is automatically provisioned on payment confirmation.

VNC Access

It's not technically VNC but you would never know that

Custom Storage

Select whatever storage size you want for your server.

ISO Installations

You can install your own OS from our ISO library.

Payment Methods

To help customers who would like to pay with Bitcoin but shit themselves when they see the fees, you can now pay any amount over the balance due, and the robot will calculate how much extra service time you paid for. Previously this had to be done through support. You also have a whopping 3 days for your payment to confirm.

You can also use Monero like a cool guy and not have to worry about fees at all.

NVMe VPS (Moldova)

2 GB DDR4 Memory
1 vCPU core
20 GB NVME Storage
Unlimited shared gigabit
4 GB DDR4 Memory
2 vCPU cores
40 GB NVME Storage
Unlimited shared gigabit
8 GB DDR4 Memory
4 vCPU cores
80 GB NVME Storage
Unlimited shared gigabit

Dedicated Servers

2x Xeon 2643 4C @ 3.3 Ghz (SSD)
2x 480GB Enterprise SSD (up to 6)
Unlimited "Bandwidth"
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2x Xeon 2643 4C @ 3.3 Ghz (HDD)
2x 4TB Enterprise HDD (up to 4)
Unlimited "Bandwidth"
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