Cockbox — Yeah it's servers with cocks

Cockbox support is getting a little more comfortable

Our support guaranteed 24 hour responses to all tickets created in the month of April. We only had to issue server credit for like half of the tickets. During May, we will guarantee a 48 hour response window to tickets. If we take longer than this to respond to your ticket, you will receive 3x server credit for the time you waited. We still don't provide support for help with user software, but if you're reporting an issue you can rest easy knowing a response is coming "soon".

Cockbox does not allow any content or activity that violates the laws in which the server is located.

To submit abuse, please include all relevant information and logs in an E-mail to abuse at ovo dot sc.

Law Enforcement

Cockbox is operated by OvO Systems Ltd. in the country of Seychelles. We encourage all international law enforcement to get in touch to report any illegal activity by e-mailing abuse at ovo dot sc. However, since our customers pay with cryptocurrency and there are no IP logs connected to users' accounts, as well as our privacy policy that restricts sharing data outside where it is required in our jurisdiction, a demand for a customer's data is very unlikely to be successful. Still, that shouldn't deter you from submitting an abuse report. For any legal questions or demands, contact legal at ovo dot sc.