Cockbox — Yeah it's servers with cocks

Terms of Service

By registering for or using Cockbox's services, you agree to the terms below. If you do not agree to the terms below, do not use the service.

Best-Effort Service

Cockbox is a paid service offering Virtual Private Server resources to its users (the "Service"). Cockbox is developed by a small team that does its best to maintain the reliability of the Service. Regardless of payment, Cockbox cannot in good faith guarantee a service level, uptime guarantee, or any other promise of its level of services. Subscribing to the Service is subscribing to a fun collective of effort to provide you the best services we can.

You alone are responsible for backing up the data you put on Cockbox. Backups are usually not retained by Cockbox of your server to protect against data loss. In the event of a total array failure or other error causing data loss, your data may not be able to be recovered. However, Cockbox maintains a normal disk replacement procedure and there have been no data loss events like this to date.

Recurring Payments

Cockbox is a recurring service. By purchasing a server through Cockbox, you are entering into a subscription agreement for the lifetime of your server. If you purchase a server with a credit or debit card, that same card will be billed the price of your server three days before your server expires. To prevent your card from being billed, cancel your service.

If your expiry date passes and Cockbox is unable to collect funds from your attached card (or if you are paying with Bitcoin), Cockbox may shut down and destroy your server. There is a built-in grace period, and an additional grace period between when your server is marked for deletion and when a human actually destroys the server, but these grace periods are not a guarantee of the Service. Your server may be deleted immediately on expiry in some cases.

Termination of Service

Cockbox reserves the right to terminate your access to an individual server or the entire Service at any time. Examples of when your access may be terminated include:

  • Breaking Cockbox's Acceptable Usage Policy (detailed below)
  • In the event of a payment dispute or chargeback
  • If continued access to your server is preventing other Cockbox users from using the Service (Resource Hogging)
  • Your server expires due to nonpayment
  • Your bandwidth usage far exceeds your stated limit and attempts to correct it with you have failed

Acceptable Usage Policy

Cockbox doesn't give a fuck what you do on your server, as long as it abides by these guidelines:

  • No outgoing E-mail spam or anything that will upset Spamhaus
  • Nothing against the law in Romania
  • No port scanning, banner scanning, or aggressive crawling

Tor exit relays and those types of services are fine, so long as you don't exceed your monthly bandwidth.

Resource Hogging

You are welcome to use the resources on your server as you wish. However, Cockbox can't provide you services if it is affecting other users' ability to use the Service, or causes Cockbox significant financial cost. Terminating your server for resource hogging is a last resort -- every reasonable attempt will be made to correct the issue with you first.

Is it legal in Romania?

Most of the laws in Romania as it applies to Cockbox are common sense. However, it is not Cockbox's responsibility to tell you whether or not a given use case is legal. If Cockbox determines your use of Cockbox is illegal, you may be contacted to take action or your access may be terminated, depending on the severity and circumstances.

If you are a service provider that hosts user-generated content (for example, a forum), there are service provider protections that apply to you so long as you remove illegal content promptly.

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